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Welcome Hair Bosses, below are tutorials on how to change your logo, prices, images, and etc.

Step #1: How To Login & Change Your Logo

Step #2: How To Change Content & Links

Step #3: Replace Placeholder Video

Step #4 (Part 1): Setting up your New Order Notifications

Step #4 (Part 2): How to fulfill an order

Step #4: How To Update Plugins

Step #5: How To Change Your Hair Prices

Step #6: How To Read Profit Reports & Make Coupons

Step #7: How to add Payment Program

Step #7: Download WooCommerce App

Step #7: Download Stripe App

Step #7: Learning How To Edit Websites

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8/23/2021: MMT Website Q&A

how to set up order email notifications, change prices and etc

9/9/2021: MMT Website Q&A

how to delete & restore old products

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